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Hi, I am Tristan and also the owner of this site. I have been working as a printing professional for different companies atleast 8 years. I started blogging because I knew that the printing industry is becoming massive day-by-day and a lot of oppurtunities has opened up. But a lot of newbies in this industry have interest but doesn't have their hands on right knowledge. So that's where ThePrintWays started, to help you understand better about this growing field and grow your bussiness !

About The Print Ways

ThePrintWay’s aim is providing the best solutions for printing problems and tips and tricks for sublimation. We also suggest the best printers available for different purposes and provide how-to guides about all printing categories. I’ve 8 years experience in printing industry and sure am passionate about printing and want to share our knowledge with the world. 

The Day by Day development in this field is increasing and also the opportunities for those who have interest in this field. The Printing Methods like Direct-to-Garment,  Direct-to-Film and Sublimation printing have been around for a period time but the modern expansion in these methods make them more intereseting now.

 I believe that everyone should have access to quality information about printing so that they can make informed decisions about their projects.ThePrintWays is your one-stop platform for all things related to printing. Whether you’re looking for advice on which printer to buy, tips on how to achieve the perfect print, or just want to learn more about the printing process, we’ve got you covered.

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