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How to Wash Sublimation Shirts: A Complete Guide (2023)

Sublimation shirts are a popular choice for those who love bright and unique designs on their clothing. Sublimation involves transferring the ink onto the fabric using heat and pressure, producing a high-quality, vivid image that will not fade or crack over time.

Yet, knowing how to wash sublimation shirts is essential if you want them to retain their pristine appearance. Keeping your sublimation t-shirts looking fresh and colorful for as long as possible is easy, and we’ll show you how in this post.

Why is washing sublimation shirts important?

Sublimation shirts are recognized for their bright and vibrant colors but might fade or bleed if not laundered correctly. That’s why washing sublimation shirts the right way is important if you care about how they look and feel. You can keep the colors from running or fading by washing the garment properly.

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How to wash sublimation shirts: Step by Step

A person washing a shirt in tub representing the query: How to wash sublimation shirts?

1. Turn the shirt inside out before washing.

To wash the shirt, first, flip it inside out. When washing sublimation shirts, prevent the colors from rubbing against one another or the washing machine.

It might impair the look of the garment by causing the colors to run or fade.

2. Use cold water.

You should use cold water instead of hot water while washing sublimation shirts. Avoid using warm water since this might cause the colors to run or fade.

3. Use a mild detergent.

A mild detergent is recommended. It is recommended that a gentle detergent be used while washing sublimation shirts to prevent any damage to the fabric or fading of the colors. Using a mild detergent won’t harm the fabric or the vivid colors.

4. Avoid using bleach.

Try to avoid using bleach. Although bleach is an effective cleaning product, it should be avoided when washing sublimation shirts.

It can alter the shirt’s color or cause the colors to fade. It’s for this reason that washing sublimation shirts without bleach are recommended.

5. Wash on a gentle cycle.

Don’t use a harsh detergent, and wash on the soft cycle. Sublimation shirts should be washed in a mild cycle rather than a regular one.

Washing on a delicate cycle is kind to the cloth and helps keep the colors from running. The clothing may get ruined if you use the spin cycle on the washing machine.

6. Air dry by hanging.

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Drying clothes on a clothesline allows them to air out. Sublimation tees should be hung up to dry on a hanger for the best results.

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The dryer’s heat could cause the colors to run or fade, so it’s best to avoid using it. Hanging the garment to dry will help it retain its form and protect the vivid colors.

Expert Tips for Washing Sublimation Shirts:

Here are some tried-and-true methods for caring for your sublimation tees:

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  • If you want to know how to wash the clothing properly, look at the label.
  • Sublimation tees should be washed separately to prevent any fading or transfer of color.
  • If you must wash the garment in a machine, do it on a delicate cycle.
  • When removing stains, be sure to pick a product that is safe for sublimation shirts.
  • It’s recommended to soak the shirt in cold water with a light detergent for a few hours if it’s particularly dirty.

Storing Sublimation Shirts

Sublimation tees should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight to keep their colors from fading.

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To keep your sublimation t-shirts in mint condition, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the shirt is folded properly before storing it away.
  • Hanging the shirt for too long can distort the design.
  • To prevent wrinkles, hang the clothing in a cool, dark place using a wide-shouldered hanger.

Proper care of your sublimation shirts is essential to preserving their quality and beauty. Suppose you follow the advice in this manual. In that case, your shirts will retain their original color and vibrancy for as long as feasible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I iron sublimation shirts?

 You can iron sublimation t-shirts on a very low setting to protect the fabric and dyes. If you don’t want to ruin the shirt’s design while ironing, flip it inside out.

Q. How often should I wash sublimation shirts?

Sublimation tees should be washed often to remove sweat and dirt. Be careful to avoid ruining the shirt by not following the care instructions.


If you take good care of your sublimation shirt, it will look fantastic for a long time and represent your style. If you are after your sublimation shirts properly, they will retain their bright colors and fresh appearance for years to come. To preserve the integrity of your shirt, wash it inside out in cold water with a light detergent, without bleach, using the gentle cycle and letting it dry naturally. If you follow these guidelines, your sublimation t-shirts will retain their beautiful appearance and last for years.

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